Turman Legal Solutions PLLC is a cutting-edge litigation boutique founded by Stephen E. Turman, a Cornell Law School graduate with more than 20 years of experience as a trial attorney and appellate advocate. 

At Turman Legal Solutions, we provide our clients with aggressive representation in the areas of  trust and estate litigation, administration and planning and  complex business and commercial disputesWe are uniquely  positioned to offer the benefits, quality and experience expected of a large law firm while providing the personal touch of a smaller firm.   


While reliance on tradition can be good, it has created a legal industry that is slow to adapt to changing conditions or adopt novel ideas.  We understand there is comfort in familiarity, but stagnant thinking is a liability in a dynamic world.  At Turman Legal Solutions, we are leveraging the latest technology to gain a competitive edge, provide unmatched "customer service" to clients and streamline our business operations. 

We Offer Value to Our Clients

Our clients chose Turman Legal Solutions because they want premium legal services and great customer service at fair rates.  

Every investment we make in our Firm is intended to improve our success rate, customer service and office efficiency.  This is a formula that enables us to deliver outstanding value to our clients.      

Creative Fee Structures Make Litigation More Affordable

Innovation does not just means adopting the latest technology.  For Turman Legal Solutions, innovation means adopting novel ways of conducting business, including the use of alternative fee arrangements.

While most firms are still married to the billable hour, we are not.   We understand the importance of budget predictability for our clients.  We offer many clients the option of using alternatives to the billable hour that make our fees predictable. 


Our Firm was Conceptualized in the Height of the Covid-19 Pandemic

It was a time of great uncertainty for every business, but the legal industry was less prepared than most.  Law firms have always been brick and mortar business and our industry was "paper only" long after other industries adopted all digital formats.  Law firms built for the pre-pandemic world are still struggling to adapt to remote litigation and new client expectations.  We are not hindered by a pre-Covid business model, with long-term fixed costs for big ticket assets that have little utility in the post-Covid world.  We have the flexibility to invest in technology that actually benefits our clients.

A Studio for Remote Video Conferences and Court Appearances

The pandemic forced court systems around the country to hold status conferences, depositions, hearings and even trials remotely using video conferencing.  

We built a studio for remote appearances, equipped with a lighting system, high-end cameras and microphones, all intended to provide the best sound quality and smoothest image quality for the court.   This makes a difference to judges and court stenographers that struggle at times to hear attorneys during remote hearings.  Audio issues are apparent when we read back the transcripts from hearings and depositions conducted remotely.  When there is a close decision on the line and the stakes are high, small details can make a big difference for our clients.  Investing in technology that makes it easier for the court to see and hear us is money well spent.  

Access your Files Anytime, Anywhere and Receive Real-Time Updates Through our Secure Client Portal and Mobile App

Turman Legal Solutions offers clients access to their own Secure Client Portal that:

  • gives clients access to their file anytime, anywhere
  • provides clients with a safe and secure means for communicating with us using encrypted messaging
  • allows clients to safely share documents with us and receive real-time updates
  • gives clients access to their invoices and other billing information. 

We also offer a Mobile App (which is available on IOS and Android devices) that allows clients to access their files from mobile devices.  The Mobile App also gives clients the ability to scan documents to their phone, which are then automatically uploaded through the Secure Client Portal to our fil. (Scanning functionality is available on IOS, coming soon to Android).  This is a time-saving and convenient way for Clients to quickly and easily deliver important documents for review. 

We are a Paperless Law Firm

We are committed to becoming a paperless law firm.   Not only does this benefit the environment, but it reduces costs, time and the amount of storage space required.   Unless paper invoices are specifically requested by clients, we use paperless invoices that are delivered to clients through secure email and the Secure Client Portal. 

Our clients can also pay our invoices through a link embedded in the invoice, through our website or through the Secure Client Portal (coming soon).  Our clients also have option of paying invoices using eCheck, major credit cards, debit card, PayPal or Zelle (PayPal and Zelle integration is coming soon).  We also offer payment plans and financing to qualified clients.   


We give clients the power to access our calendar and make their own appointments.  You do not need to call or email us for an appointment.  If, for some reason, we are not available at a convenient time, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.