At Turman Legal Solutions PLLC, our Labor and Employment Litigation practice is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services to both employers and employees in the complex landscape of labor and employment disputes.

We help our clients achieve successful outcomes in cases involving:

  1. Employment Discrimination: We have a proven track record in representing clients in cases involving discrimination based on race, age, disability, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation,  pregnancy, marital status, familial status, veteran status, national origin, citizenship and immigration status, arrest or conviction record, and other protected categories and classifications.
  2. Wrongful Termination: We diligently advocate for clients who have been wrongfully terminated or retaliated against for protected actions, including whistleblowers.
  3. Harassment Claims: We handle cases involving workplace harassment, creating a safe and respectful work environment.
  4. Employment Contracts: We assist in drafting, reviewing, and litigating employment contracts, non-compete agreements, and severance packages.
  5. Wage and Hour Claims: Our firm is well-versed in addressing disputes related to unpaid wages, overtime violations, and misclassification issues.

Our Approach: At Turman Legal Solutions, we prioritize client advocacy, rigorous research, and strategic planning. Our team of experienced litigators employs both negotiation and litigation strategies to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. We are committed to protecting our clients' rights and interests in labor and employment matters.

Client-Centric Solutions: We understand that each case is unique, and we tailor our approach to meet the specific needs and objectives of our clients. Whether you are an employer seeking to ensure compliance with employment laws or an employee facing workplace injustices, our team is here to provide effective legal representation.

Contact Us: If you require legal assistance or have questions about labor and employment discrimination, harassment, wage and hour, or employment contract claims, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at (516) 266-6101 or email us direction at [email protected] for more information.