Unfortunately, the division and distribution of estate and trust assets can bring out the worst in people.  Family members may contest the validity of a will or trust.  Executors, trustees and other fiduciaries can mismanage assets or, worse yet, steal assets from estates and trusts.  Estate plans can also be the product of fraud, duress and undue influence by people with malicious intentions.  There are many different scenarios that can lead to conflicts between and among family members, beneficiaries, executors and trustees.

When disputes arise, we aggressively and effectively represent executors, trustees, spouses, beneficiaries and heirs in disputes in Surrogate's Court, New York State Supreme Court and in Federal District Court.  We represent our clients through all phases of trust and estate litigation, including pleadings, discovery, motion practice, trials and appeals.  We have years of experience representing clients in cases involving contested probate proceedings, will contests, kinship disputes, trust validity disputes, spousal rights proceedings, kinship proceedings, elder abuse cases, guardianship proceedings, contested accountings and cases involving fiduciary misconduct.