REPRESENTATIVE CASES:                                      

Please note we have extensive in defending and litigating against Trustees that are alleged to have engaged in misconduct.  Unlike estate matters, trusts are often administered by the same trustee for many years while the primary beneficiary is alive.  To protect the privacy, rights and interests of the parties in those cases we are intentionally omitting reference to our participation in litigation involving trusts that are still being administered.   

  • Successfully Represented Co-Fiduciaries in a Contested Accounting Proceeds Involving Approximately $25,000,000 in Assets (Surrogate's Court, Suffolk County, New York). Turman represented three co-executors and co-trustees of testamentary trusts that held more than $25,000,000 in total assets.  The contingent remainder beneficiaries of the trusts commenced accounting proceedings against the co-fiduciaries.  This matter involved multiple proceedings in Surrogate's Court including a will contest, an estate accounting, and multiple trust accounts.   This representation also involved coordinating with attorneys representing the co-fiduciaries in related matters pending cases pending in Federal Court, NY State Supreme court.  During the course of these contested accounting proceedings, Mr. Turman argued was involved in intensive motion practice and successfully argued two separate appeals before the Appellate Division. This case was hotly contested for years and was only successfully in favor of our clients when the primary benefiary of the estate and trusts and one of the two remainder beneficiaries died.
  • Made Lemonade out of Lemons, Surrogate's Court, Nassau County, New York. Turman valiantly defended an Executor at trial who made improper distributions of assets and invaded the decedent's bank accounts to the detriment of account co-owners.  After trial, Mr. Turman filed a notice of appeal and successfully negotiated a settlement with the Petitioner on favorable terms, notwithstanding unfavorable facts.